Mystery of Life

Life is full of twists and turns, unfolds the mystery of life…

Life is full of twists and turns, unfolds the mystery of life…
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every time it astonishes with its new unfolds

You write your script, your story

but portray the role which life offers you

you don’t desire to run on a difficult road,

but life poses challenges to make you strong,

life is mystic but charming too,

when you explore the hidden truth,

become aware of your divine realities

You find ways of loving, ways of knowing

and in last experience the true essence

of life beyond this world.

Life, twists, turns, story, difficult, road, divine, loving, true world Poem.

Bruce Noll, Dana Sanford, Kenton Oliver, Rolli, Rosy Rane

Gary Ferguson, Aiyanah Rose, Deanne Cirez, Lusi Mardiyanti

Jonah Lightwhale, Brian Dickens Barrabee, Cooking at Home

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