How to Bring the Effective Change in the Society?

To Bring Change in the Society we must plan together and work together.
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The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. ~ Steve Jobs.

A small question arisen in our mind, Is it possible to make a change in the world.

If you want to see the change, you have to ask your people to start dreaming. When your dream thoughts come which transform into actions. The second most important thing is altering people’s behavior to encourage them. Here you can incentivize people. True change comes when we allow others to embrace deeds based on their thoughts. The new change will show after the positive efforts of people, groups, and society. So start thinking differently and creatively then only we will be able to say Yes We Can, Be a change. The world needs a positive change to make it a better place to live. Here’s how we can make the change by starting now and focusing ourselves on major action points

Keeping our family values strong

Everything starts from home, by developing good values in our family we will be able to pass it to society. set of family values provides a moral compass, clearly articulating the attitudes and meanings to associates family with living. It is quite important to note that families with defined values stand strong on their views and able to defeat the opposing beliefs of other people.

Environment protection

You will be surprised what a little patch of green space can do for the environment because I am living in a flat but you will be surprised to know that I have developed a terrace garden on the roof of my apartment. In this way, I made an impact in my corner of the planet. It’s a step towards developing greenery around us.

Right from our home we check every person and guide them at small things: turn off the lights when we don’t need them; walk more and drive less; close the refrigerator door, recycle things, etc. Driving an electric car and living in a house powered by sun or wind power would be the best way to go — not to mention cheaper. I prefer the use of a solar cooker to cook food in my home.

Promote cleanliness and Promote waste management

I am quite vigilant in disposing of garbage properly by segregating dry garbage and wet garbage but others may not be quite so conscientious. If I see a piece of rubbish lying on the roadside which a passerby just dropped on the ground, I try to throw it in a dustbin. I use to keep a pair of rubber gloves in my bag and with the help of it, Similarly, we all do a little effort that helps to clean up our living space.

Promote Recycling

We can see in almost every city there are trenching grounds which are turning into mountains, mountains of garbage. Our people are not finding a place on the earth for their shelter but on the contrary trenching grounds are covering almost hundreds of thousands of square feet place. So the most important solution to this problem is to recycle this garbage starting from now because as I mentioned here that our planet is so full of waste and even though we can’t clean it all up in our lifespan, the least we can do is not add to it for our kids and their kids.

Say no to plastics

Bring the Effective Change In the Society- Say No to Plastics.
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

We are living in a plastic world and in every single minute, 2 million plastic bags around the world are being used. This is a big threat to the environment. Plastic bags clog all the major drainage points which generally cause deadly floods, a good example is the Mumbai floods in July 2005. Plastic waste discharged in water bodies causes a major problem to aquatic life as obstructing oxygen to aquatic life, consumption of plastic by aquatic animals, etc.

Start Giving

The concept of giving is simple, and yet it is lost on many people. Big names like Mr.Bill Gates, Mr. Warren Buffett, Facebook Owner Mr. Mark Zukerberg, Mr.Ratan Tata is some names who have contributed to society. By mentioning them I do not intend to create a comparison with them, but what I intend is for others to learn from them to contribute and give back to our society in whatever positive manner they can. I use to donate clothes, toys, food sometimes arrange free tuition with my friends. I used to encourage my friend also to contribute to society. In the same way, we all can serve our community. It gives us true happiness and a sense of satisfaction/ achievement of doing something and creating a sense of social responsibility.


Nowadays IIT and IIM students are actively accepting volunteer roles for different social causes. Usually, the more local we can volunteer, or the more focused the action point, the better results we get! Volunteering abroad is also a great experience and life-changing, but through my experience volunteering within our country is a great way to serve our motherland. We can get the support of senior citizen persons and others who are willing to participate in this kind of work so with this combined group we can make a big change in our community. To start with, focus on how I can help my local area or a cause within my country.

Giving chance to other young people

One of the best ways we can make a difference is to inspire others to join us. I can teach other young people about important issues, and also encourage them to teach others too. That’s why many charitable organizations have resources of young people who want to get involved as an ambassador for their cause. But we can do the same thing by making a chain of people.

We can also want to launch a campaign on raising awareness of a social issue, for example, like save the girl, woman’s safety, some more burning issues. We can create a team and make others join it and by assigning everyone a role as an ambassador and a change agent, We encourage them to put their ideas into reality for a much wider difference.

If there are issues that concern us, we have to raise our voice to bring attention to concerned authorities. Sign petitions, write letters to our ward representative, member of parliament, make an appointment to sit down with someone who has the power to change things, and discuss our worries with them. If something good is done we should appreciate it.

Keep ourself distress

It is quite stressful that how to keep self in a distressed state for a longer time because stress became a part of life. By practicing meditation, stress can be easily managed but we have to practice it for 20min. to one hour daily.

Ultimately, meditation is just a mindfulness practice that involves calming our thoughts and emotions or we can say keep ourselves at zero thought level so we can be in the present moment and utilize our 100 percent energy to being the big change.


We all know that it is not an easy task. We must have more critical of what is happening around us and time to time reevaluate our action plans and their implementation. At last, we can compare results with the anticipated results. By doing this we can see the effects of our fully executed plan. We all know the role of a change agent is quite hard but with full determination we keep our best foot forward. Keep going because the world needs us.

Written By — Life Coach Vinayam
Ph.D. Holder, A strong writer has extensive experience in writing, with a passion for poetry, storytelling, writing articles, Content curator, Mentor, life coach.

I’ll appreciate your comments, valuable thoughts on this Story.

Ph.D. Holder — A strong writer having extensive experience in writing, with a passion for poetry, storytelling, content curation, mentorship & life coaching

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Life Coach Vinayam

Life Coach Vinayam

Ph.D. Holder — A strong writer having extensive experience in writing, with a passion for poetry, storytelling, content curation, mentorship & life coaching

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