How to Boost Your Immune System During Lockdown…

People are struggling with the dreaded virus and trying hard to keep their immunity intact. How to keep your Immune system strong…

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Do regular exercise, walk 10000 steps daily, it boost your immunity.
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How to keep your Immune system strong during a lockdown or lockdown-like situation when you are confiding to four walls or can’t move out frequently?

After a complete year, people are struggling with the dreaded virus and trying hard to keep their immunity intact. Government using its last resort to break the chain of viruses and put a lockdown on some places.

Here are four pillars, sticking, on them you can remain fit and healthy and also keep your immunity strong. Let’s see these four pillars-
1. Exercise help to build your immunity-

Regular exercise reduces your susceptibility to viral infections.
It boosts your immune system which is our body’s first line of defense against infections.

These neutrophils detect an invader. They squeeze themselves out and through chemotaxes engulf the pathogen.

Exercise is a good way to counter these effects. Neutrophils of elder people who walked at least 10000 steps a day were effective as those of young people.

T-cells is also playing a major role in detecting.

You can opt for doing yoga, Aerobic exercise, you can learn also by watching the video, and your long sitting on the sofa.

2.Sunlight gives you natural Vitamin D

You can take sunlight from your window. It help to increase you vitamin D intake.
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You can do your exercise in sunlight, and get natural Vitamin D. It strengthens your bones, teeth and energizes each body cell. Sunlight helps to boost your immune system. People with a low level of Vitamin D suffer greater with the respiratory tract of infection.

They should sit in sunlight for at least 15–30 minutes daily in the morning. Sunlight is very helpful for them. If you can’t take you should boost your intake by eating vitamin D-rich foods like eggs, mushrooms, cheddar cheese oily fish or take supplements. You can take some anti-inflammatory foods like turmeric, black pepper, Ginger, Garlic, etc.

3. Good sleep refresh you-

Sound Sleep of 8 hours is essential to keep you immunity strong. have good sleep.
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Do you know that short-term sleep deprivation reduces your ability to fight infection and could reduce your span of vaccination?

Inadequate and irregular sleep contribute to low-level inflammation which is harmful to health in the longer term.

You strengthen your circadian rhythm and improve your sleep by sitting near a sunny window otherwise in brighter light your circadian rhythms shift on the opposite side making it harder to fall asleep.

4.Stress reduces the ability of immune cells-

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It has a direct impact on your immune system because due to stress large number of hormones like noradrenaline, cortisol release. For a short span, these releases of hormone boost your immunity but it put stresses on your immunity if continue for weeks. It reduces the ability of your immune cells to fight infection.

Keep yourself occupied with some mental quizzes, playing Sudoku.

Don’t feel sad or anxious, or bored. Find the ways to keep yourself engage, happy, fit, and fine.

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