Are you aware of this serious fact: Long sitting has killing effects

Do you know! In China, a boy got paralyzed… how? He was playing on mobile continuously for long hours!

It is found in many pieces of research that sitting long hours either for work or for any other reason has adverse effects on your health. An agricultural worker sits only for 3 hours, so you can imagine how fit and healthy he is? The most important thing here is to understand the basic phenomenon of utilizing your energy. Your focus should be on how you are spending or channelize your energy? When you sit you use less energy as compared to when you stand or move.

That is why a person who is working for long hours on a computer or doing desk work continuously without taking any break could use less energy and because of inactivity suffers from diabetes heart diseases and many more.

High volume sitting; How it affects your body?

All the systems of your body work well when your body is upright so sitting in the proper position is equally important.
Sitting for lengthy periods can weaken your leg muscles and gluteal muscles. Your poor postures may cause poor spine health. It will imbalance your body and you can harm yourself.

People who spend a lot of time sitting have a higher risk of osteoporosis. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to an alarming 1% decrease in bone mass per year in women. A person who remains inactive could be at risk of bone disease in their 40s. Variety of high and low-impact exercises to help prevent bone loss.

a. Put on weight

If you spend a lot of time in a sitting position, your digestive system will not work properly. Your metabolism will slow down, your body will retain fat and sugar, and you easily put on weight.

b. Heart disease

Continuous sitting for a long duration is the major cause of heart disease. Usually, when people return home after their work they sit to watch TV. Experts say that people who remain inactive and sit for long hours have a 150 percent higher risk of heart disease and heart attack.

c. Diabetes

The primary cause of diabetes is increased insulin resistance in the body; it means an increase in blood sugar.

Sitting causes blood to pool in your legs and causes blood clots and may turn into deep vein thrombosis which hampers proper blood flow to the organs.

d. Anxiety and depression

People, who sit for prolonged hours, could not do physical exercise they are easily victimized by depression and anxiety.

e. Flexibility of your body

Because of long sittings, your body becomes stiff and loses flexibility, and causes body pain, shoulder pain, stiffness in the shoulder and neck.

How important is to remain active entire day

You must do at least 60 minutes of physical exercise/activity every day. If you regularly perform such activity you can save yourself from serious diseases.

What you think is that you have done exercise, so sitting will not harm your body but it is not true; you are wrong. You have to follow the proper scheduling of your sitting work because the only exercise is not a magic remedy for being fit and healthy.

Too much sitting may be prematurely aging you. According to a recent study at the University of California –A woman who sits more than 8 hours and do little exercise looks 8 years older than her biological age.

In the latest issue of the American Journal of Public Health, researchers from Canada, the US and Australia suggest excessive sitting roughly over eight hours a day increases the risk of premature death and some chronic diseases by 10–20%,.(

Practice to sit smarter-

You may try ergonomic chairs to help support your back. Try to micro yoga exercises. Herewith the help of some simple pictures you can exercise on your chair and enjoy its benefits.

a. Arm Circles-

Simple rotation of your folded arm clockwise and anticlockwise 5–5 times.

These exercises you can do either at home or in your office, in between your long sittings.

Courtesy of Nora Szanto.

b. Bent over with Arms lift-

Raise your arms straight out to your side. Pause and then slowly return to the starting position. Repeat 5–5 times.

Courtesy of Nora Szanto.

c. Chair Dip

Slide your bottom off the chair and hold yourself up with arms straight. Repeat 5–5 times.

Courtesy of Nora Szanto.

d. Hip Exercise

First, you take the position as seen in the picture. Now Lean back about 45 degrees — Pull your legs towards your chest and then extend your legs straight out in the air. Repeat 5–5 times.

Courtesy of Nora Szanto.

e. Squat with chair

Maintain a proper position- back straight, knees above the feet, weight on the heels, and do squats. Repeat 5–5 times.

Courtesy of Nora Szanto.

f. Squat calf Rise

Stand behind the chair, hold backrest with your hands. Put your weight on your toes and lower your hips, stand on your tiptoes, and do squats. Repeat 5–5 times.

Courtesy of Nora Szanto.

Switch between sitting and standing

You can use height adjustable standing desks per your body requirement as you switch from sitting to standing with the adjustable button.

Activity trackers

Now a day various apps/instruments/watches wearable are available in the market to keep the record of your activity and also keep you informed. How many steps you walk, how many calories you burn, etc.

Yoga poses

Cow and cat pose to impose your back’s flexibility and extend your can easily relax and distress yourself. If you do this exercise adverse effects of long hours, sitting can be absolved.

How you can change your sedentary behavior

Here are some simple tips to keep you moving while you’re at home.

· When you’re tidying up, put items away in small trips rather than taking it altogether.

· While watching TV set the timer on your mobile to remind you to get up and move.

Sitting for a prolonged period is bad and deadly. Just take a brief break from TV time go for a walk is enough and offset the harm of long sitting.

· Walk around when you’re on the phone. If it is not possible, then just stand up and stretch your leg muscles.

· Audiobooks, podcasts can be a grand help. You can listen to recorded books while you are engaged in some activity like cleaning or gardening.

· A pro tip for those using public transport. They can get off one stop early and walk to your destination.

· Stand up and get the required files from your cupboards, while you read emails or reports.

· Use stairs occasionally and avoid going by the lift.


The Impact of movement is profound, not necessary you go for a walk, you can take some leisurely movement too. As you feel energetic, and you burn your calories so you can’t put on weight. You remain active and you keep your mental well-being. A healthy and fit body will be home for a healthy mind.

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