Whatever happens has to happen…

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woke up in the morning feeling very refreshed. I have to go to the office after a long time, as my office called me on shift duty.
I got ready and left for the office.
It was a long time since we all colleagues met. We happily started our work. During lunch, we had a discussion on various matters. I finished my work for the day. It was 5 PM. I was packing up when Mr. Andrew came and said, “Boss is calling you”
Suddenly my heart started beating harder. I felt it would jump out.
My hands were shivering, feet got numb, and my mouth started drying up. I wanted to wet my throat with some water, but there was no water around.

In between, somebody called my name.
Hearing my name again, my heart pounded. I was sweating. I placed my left hand over my heart firmly and moved forward.

As soon as I entered the room, there was a killing silence. An icy shiver ran into my spine.

Meanwhile, my boss with his stern eyes forwarded a white envelope towards me.
There was a darkness before my eyes, I could see nothing. Tears from my eyes were rolling down on my cheeks. The entire journey of my career since joining came before my eyes like a film.

With courage, I opened the white envelope; I had lost my job.

I was angry at myself, and the manner my heart was beating. I thought it would have been good if it had stopped completely.

I didn’t know how I reach home. Mother opened the door for me. She had already prepared tea and snacks for me. Taking my office bag from my hands, she said you must be hungry… go eat something first.

But I stopped her and asked her to sit with me for some time

I could not stop myself. I just hid my head in her lap so she could not see my tears, but my tears found its way.
I didn’t remember how long I kept sleeping on my mother’s lap; I did not even remember my grief.
Suddenly I felt a few hot drops on my face, I immediately woke up. It was my mother’s tears. I saw she was crying.
I was wondering, did she know about what happened in the office? Did she know about the white envelope? But how? I remember I did not tell her anything yet, then how did she know? I felt a deep sorrow.

Wiping her tears, I asked my mother why are you crying? What happened?

Caressing my forehead, she said, I am your mother. I can read your face and I know something went wrong. You can share with me if you.

You are correct mom; I lost my job today. Now, I have to start afresh.

Mother said- my boy, my dear, what happens has to happen. Nobody can stop it. Accept the reality and move on. Be positive as being positive will solve half your problems. Your surroundings will reflect and offers you what you reflect to it.

She further added So, buck up dude and don’t lose hope. I have full faith in you, my dear. You will definitely get a good job soon.

After having talked with mother I got relaxed. Her words filled energy in me. I got up and walked towards my room for searching for a new job.

The fresh job would be a sincere gift to my mother. Meanwhile, I promise to mother to be happy.

Written By — Life Coach Vinayam
PhD Holder, A strong writer has extensive experience in writing, with a passion for poetry, storytelling, writing articles, Content curator, Mentor, life coach.

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Ph.D. Holder — A strong writer having extensive experience in writing, with a passion for poetry, storytelling, content curation, mentorship & life coaching