People are struggling with the dreaded virus and trying hard to keep their immunity intact. How to keep your Immune system strong…

Do regular exercise, walk 10000 steps daily, it boost your immunity.
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set your goals at the beginning of the year to live your life to the fullest, and to achieve big in your life.
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Why do you need to set your own goals?

Happy New Year Wishes- This is a time to make our relations strong by remembering all near dear ones.
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When you learn from your sufferings and make yourself strong, that time a new beginning start and expand…

Sufferings and pain made me strong and now I want to write a new page of my life with all hopes and possbilities.
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You are leading your life desperately but what happened when …

Sad alone woman walking and find her bundle of joy.
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A decision to break a deep relationship is a very harsh one which…

Your decision, A Short Story about Relationship.. to Break Relation is very Harsh decision for a partner who is in deep love.
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Short story…

Often you start sinking into the darkness built by you
or into the darkness of the dark world…

Be a Light-Your Inner Light will Guide You in the Darkness of The Dark World.
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In this world, we always try to remember but forget our true nature and treasure that we are in abundance…

I live in Abundance, Yes I am Abundance…
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When someone close to you leaves you...

A Girl Cherish Memories of His Friend in Her Every Single Heartbeat
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Life Coach Vinayam

Ph.D. Holder — A strong writer having extensive experience in writing, with a passion for poetry, storytelling, content curation, mentorship & life coaching

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